BrownCafe: The Party Continues

Now that I’ve been banned, all the assclowns are coming out of the woodwork to vent their childish anger. They call me a bigot, when I never voted for Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or Obama. I don’t trash talk the Chinese, and I don’t support the Palestinian genocide, if only through my silence.

From vast personal experience, I can tell you that there’s a lot of bigotry within the Teamsters. And is a Teamsters outpost. Check out the members’ names and avatars.

Another sign that these are Reamsters: Others have taken up the preposterous lie that automation increases jobs. If that was true, then poverty and homelessness should be decreasing as American increasingly embraces automation.

If you’ve ever visited a modern grocery store, you may have noticed automatic self-checkout services. In some of the bigger grocery stores in Seattle, there may be a dozen self-checkout stands. Do you really think the people who own the chains hired ten more people after they installed those self-checkout features?

Of course not. They laid off a bunch of check-out clerks, replacing them with one or two people who get paid to stand around waiting for customers who need assistance. Of course, there are maintenance personnel, too, but it doesn’t take a dozen maintenance technicians to service a dozen check-out machines.

Apparently, the Teamsters don’t want their dues-paying members to know that automation is an ominous threat. But why? Isn’t that kind of like denying climate change?

Part of the reason might lie in the current contract soap opera. If employees knew the truth about automation and our economy, they might panic and take the contract even more seriously—especially when UPS is making such a staggering amount of money.

Speaking of which, how much money do you think the Teamsters are making? I know for a fact that a lot of shop stewards rake in $10,000-$20,000 a year by filing grievances against supervisors they catch working. Which sounds cool, except for a couple problems. First, shop stewards know how to milk the system, and they also have more union protection than the rest of us. While people like me are busy working our butts off for an hourly wage, shop stewards slink around like hyenas looking for an easy score. If an ordinary employee does file a grievance against a working supervisor, guess what? Shop stewards with more seniority can process the grievance, win—then pocket the money.

In fact, the Teamsters have never made a serious effort to make supervisors stop taking our work away from us. Instead, it’s a racket: UPS rakes in even more money by letting supervisors work, giving the Teamsters kickbacks in the form of $10,000-$20,000 a year in grievance winnings. So what kind of kickbacks do you think the Teamsters get for selling us out during contract negotiations?

In the meantime, you have to laugh at the union whores at BrownCafe. I’m a free thinker, with multiple websites and multiple books. I do my homework and write things that are intelligent and educational. In the opposite corner is BrownCafe, which is little more than a village idiot convention, a collection of anonymous twits who can do little more than stomp their feet and call names.

Check out their latest rants here. Or let me save you the trouble and share their last three comments:

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