BrownCafe: Troll Convention

Speaking of Jews, have you ever checked out the website It’s a forum where people who work for UPS discuss various topics related to UPS and the Teamsters.

I joined the forum several years ago, only to discover—big surprise—that the forum was either controlled by the Teamsters or simply infested with trolls. They’re allowed to post the most disgusting insults and ridiculous bullshit, but I posted the bitter truth, and they called me a troll and banned me.

Shortly after I got this site squared away, I decided to give BrownCafe another try. I made a flurry of posts, then sat back and studied the responses. I figured they’d ban me again, but what the hell . . .

The responses were pretty predictable. I encountered a handful of forum members who seemed both civil and intelligent. However, the forum is overrun by a mob of members who are simply assholes. Most of them appear to be working for the Teamsters—and also the Jews.

Moreover, some of the crap they post is to preposterous, you have to wonder how it’s possible that they don’t get banned. How are they not trolls? Let me give you some examples . . .

Let’s start with a discussion I started titled “Teamsters Blackout?” Here we meet a member who calls himself DriveInDriveOut, with the tagline “Well-Blown Member.” Like a parasite, he immediately attached himself to me, downvoting all of my posts and making snotty, mindless comments. How is he not a troll?

In response to my claim that the Teamsters do a lousy job of keeping people informed, a member who calls himself Wilson1397 asked if I ever go to Teamster meetings, adding that you can ask all the questions you want.

How is that an intelligent answer? If employees have questions, they have to wait two or three weeks for the next meeting, then drive across town to the meeting and wait an hour before they get a chance to ask their question? If the Teamsters can’t put useful information on their website, then it would be more efficient to pick up a phone and call union headquarters, rather than wait two weeks to attend some stuffy union meeting.

A member who calls himself Staydryitsraining asks “Why are you gay?” No trolling there.

Next, check out the discussion “New Teamsters Slogan,” where I comment on automation, which is coming at us like a juggernaut and getting employees displaced and laid off.

An ignorant asshole who calls himself Thebrownblob claims the hub he works at has been automated, and they now have almost twice as many employees. He said there are three more hubs in the area that apparently did the same thing, hiring more people after they were automated. He then says, “Automation requires more employees that do less work.” That’s an utterly stupid statement. What’s the point of automating if you have to hire twice as many people? When I asked him to post the names and locations of the hubs he was referring to, he declined.

Check out the comments by SpicyItalian73 and 542thruNthru. How are they not trolls?

I’m working on a book titled Jews 101, and I put a link to my Jews101 website in the sidebar. When DriveInDriveOut saw it, he got hysterical and started ranting about it, calling me “antisemitic.” The other trolls then joined in, calling me an anti-Semite, or whatever.

Their comments are ignorant and racist.

Another moron who calls himself Bubblehead chimed in on a thread titled “If you are thinking about voting NO…” He apparently thinks part-time employees shouldn’t complain about anything because there are better options, like full-time employment or driving. But what about part-timers who can’t get full-time jobs, which UPS has long been trying to do away with? What about part-timers who aren’t able to work full-time for one reason or another?

Using his twisted logic, we could argue that drivers shouldn’t complain about being forced to work too much overtime, because they’re welcome to give up driving and work part-time, getting less than 20 hours a week.

Most of these trolls have it set up so you can’t even see their profiles. What are they hiding from?

In summary, the results are just what I expected. BrownCafe is still an online joke that caters to trolls and assholes, many of whom appear to be working for the Teamsters and the Jews both. Some time after midnight, I was banned as a troll, yet another example of the cancel culture the Jews so adore.

If you’re looking for the raw truth about UPS and the Teamsters (and the Jews), this may be the only place you’ll find it.

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